Any questions?

What is Rippler?

Rippler is a company, specialized to make revenues of cryptocurrency related opportunities. It has several trading bots and mining farms that are 24 hours operating, meanwhile the Rippler team is developing its assets as fast as possible.

How to earn?

Register at and make a deposit. Our partners are earning 3% daily of their deposits and can withdraw their earnings anytime.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We are working only with Ripple. Why? We don't want that our partners have to pay huge amounts of transaction fees like Bitcoin (20$ - 30$), and want to specialize in only one payment method, so we can make faster deposits and withdrawals. Ripple has a transaction time of max. 12 seconds and the fees are less than a cent.(Could be different at some exchanges but the main transaction cost is not more than 0.0001 XRP )

How to deposit?

On your profile, click on the Deposit section. You will see the XRP wallet address to deposit. You have to enter the given TAG on this page to your transaction to make a deposit. All transactions without TAGs are gone.

How to withdraw?

On your profile, click on the Withdraw section. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and enter your XRP wallet address and click on the withdraw button. If your XRP wallet address is not correct, or not your own wallet, your withdrawal will be gone and there is no return. So please enter your XRP wallet address, and not your secret key!

How long to wait for the deposit and withdraw requests?

Withdrawal requests are processed instantly. Deposits can take up to 48 hours to approve. If your deposit request have'nt been approved after 48 hours, please send a mail with your username, destination tag and wallet address to